Ordained by the National Association of Christian Ministers and born of northern European and Mediteranean descent, Todd L Thomas began his career endeavors as an artist at age three, painting, drawing and singing whenever he could get his hands on some paper, paints, and his moms broom for an air guitar.

  His talent expanded in high school bands and as an adult, he stepped into the secular spotlight with the band "Into the Void" before his rock n roll lifestyle was invaded by his Creator, and he began to transform into the minister of the Gospel that he is today, doing books of quotes and evotionals, multiple genre music production, visual fine art  and photography production and soon coming teaching and music videos. 

  What lies ahead for this ministry, working the mission fields in the full release of the wooing Presence of the Creator with full sight and sound love expression, including illuminated sermons, to touch the heart, mind and spirit to draw souls into the Love of God, into the fullness of God and all He created them to be in the beginning... making disciples who make disciples, healing the sick, setting captives free, releasing Jesus freely upon the face of the earth... well, there is no limit to what God can do... amen and amen.


...more to come...


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